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wd hard drive not working light flashing

Laptop - Sony ... graphics card, etc. It entails you about various effective methods to fix the issue and get all lost data. my data was lost, but the dealer replaced the disk. After less than a year with my 2 TB WD external drive with the same P/N number, I too get a blinkiing LED light and my Windows 7 is unable to recognize the disk. The drive light is on & I can hear the drive. Western Digital WD Elements 1 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive . Any solution to Fix External Drive Blinking but Not Detectable Issue? About two weeks prior to me writing this article I went 4 wheel driving with a few mates up in the mountains. Better luck to you! I really don’t want to reformat my Hard Drive because I have a lot of important things on it. I followed whatever steps you are suppose to do and it sort of works. Hi there, I’m having the same problem with a 1tb drive, computer won’t regognise it, light blinks, and i can hear it spin up when it first powers up. Remove and clean up the virus that blocks/stops WD external hard drive from working A fter installing and running Windows operating such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, a lot of users probably notice that the hard disk activity by Windows operating system is enormous, and probably unbelievable to say the least. If your Seagate external hard drive or other devices become undetectable on PC with lights blinking, follow to solve this problem right now. Part 3: Seagate External Hard Drive Light Not Blinking. Also in disk management the disk appears as unknown and not registered or allocated , there is no drive letter . Then reconnect the external hard drive and turn on the computer. My MacBook Pro won’t recognize the device. Another simple trick to fix the issue. Easy Methods for Recovering Data on Hard Drive. Please reload CAPTCHA. Flashing light for 1 minute with spinning sound and then it shuts down. Thus, plug in your hard drive into another Port to identify the exact cause and confirm whether a problem exists with the drive or not. The problem is that even so often all the lights start flashing again and it requires me to just reset the device for it to start working again. It has a potential to remove the virus from the drive as well as PC and make your drive accessible. Hard drive was working fine yesterday with no problems, Then late last night noticed that the blue light was flashing so thought it was getting an update, woke up this morning to see that it’s still flashing and I can’t access the hard drive at all. I m having exactly the same issue…but Im connecting the WD 2TB to my dell inspirion Laptop , OS : Win 7, Well tried connecting the WIndow server 2003, No sound that the device is detected, no sound in the hard disk either, .the 2TB is just  5months old and I have recently moved all my documents,movies,pics,music into the 2 TB…so please help  ( P/N number :WDBAAU0020HBK-01). Is there any way to retrieve my data? I am in a state to handle the data loss. Additionally, the computer is not recognizing the harddrive. © Copyright 2021 Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Using several approaches you can fix External Hard Drive not Detected Error. But its not showing up on my desktop. She has experience in Windows data recovery. The external hard drive is not working, but it keeps blinking? Thanks for checking the methods, if you really like these steps please share your experience on Facebook and other social channels. 2. powered up the little power supply board and plugged in a 120 GB disk. Hard drive continues running (light keeps blinking), will not go into sleep mode Windows 7 hard drive apparently keeps running as light blinks off and on. I goes without saying it’s the last time I buy a WD drive of any type. Seem like a basic design faults to me. Many factors lead to this error. There are equal chances of virus infection. ); = "block"; I m having exactly the same issue…but Im connecting the WD 2TB to my Asus U series Laptop , OS : Win 7, but i’m getting low light blinking and can’t see on WD Smartware when i click the power button on the back, the blinking light become strong but thats it …it won’t work. How to Fix Error Code 0xc0000005 in Windows, Now, right-click on USB Root Hub, choose Properties followed by Power Management, Again, check My Computer/My PC for external drive, If does not show, restart your PC. I accidentaly dropped the disk, the light is blinking, the device is recognised in bios mode and in device management but i cant see it on my computer. Thank you in advance. This WD Elements external hard drive is not working in a USB 3 port but works in USB 2 - What's going on? By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. Why Are Some Deleted File Format Not 100% Recoverable? How to Recover Files Deleted Due to Trend Micro Antivirus? Step 1. She writes about technical tips and tutorials. WDBAAU0010HBK-NESN . I’ve had this external hard drive for less then a year and am still under warranty. Hi, My Western Digital external hard drive just stopped working. Well, users face this issue sometimes. Whenever I connect it to my desktop, I get nothing in return apart from a blinking LED light and weak continuous beeps. The function of the light emanating from the hard disk is to let the user know when the hard disk is on, therefore, when this light is not working properly, it can be a sign of device malfunction; next, I will give you some recommendations to solve this problem. If the drive can be read via new a USB cable or on a new PC, then the drive is working fine. I just plugged it in again after changing locations (upstairs/downstairs) and the light blink only once or twice - then stops. if you have solved this question could you reply … help me !!! There seems to be some spinning of the HD when it is plugged in, but then it slows down to silence… Now only the LED is blinking. Check and see if the drive is formatted or been used under a different OS (linux,MAC, ect). Wd my passport light on but not working - Best answers Western Digital - My Passport not detected - Forum - Hard Drive/SSD If the drive is not on disk utility and you’ve checked other computers and cables then there’s not much to do other than data recovery or a replacement.  =  Everyone has been commenting on what do for fixing drive showing (lights on) but not showing in “My Comoputer” and also under Disk management. 2. Is this normal? })(120000); And yet, when just a few days after my moving I replaced the hard drive with a normal size 3.5 inch 8TB hard drive vs the laptop hard drive that was there before. How to Fix Unallocated SSD and Recover Data? Please reload CAPTCHA. The tiny bulb is constantly blinking when plugged in. What does the rapidly blinking LED light mean? Ltd.© Copyright 2021 Stellar Information Technology Pvt. I've tried Data Lifeguard and it won't load with the drive plugged in, as well. Connect the power supply to the external drive. I recently lost my precious grandmother images. Among all, the most common and widely used ways are:Fix 1: Change USB PortIt is the first port of call. Okay in this video I will explain what a flashing d means on your shift indicator and what you should do to fix it. I’ve tested and swapped the USB cable and Power output, checked on a different computer and looked at Disk Utility, ALL with no luck. This might explain why others have had this problem after moving the unit. When your computer cannot detect or read your WD hard drive, you can first try to change the USB cable and connect it with another USB port or new PC to see if the drive can be read or not. I get to know about this software from the PCMag platform, being awarded editors choice really makes me easy to pick the software. My Western Digital 1 TB external hard drive is not showing in my computer. Actually I put my ear to the disk and it spins up to full speed, stays there for5 seconds then shuts down. So in my case, both the disk and electronics were kaput! function() { I’m looking to avoid a Data Recovery . Thanks for given methods to fix the issue and get back lost data. Can I leverage the above mentioned tool? Required fields are marked *, (function( timeout ) { You just have to download, install, register, launch and follow its recovery wizard steps: There is no any defined reason to turn your drive into the undetectable state. block (because my computer froze while flashing the BIOS). I tried some programs to save my data but they show my disk with wrong capacity (2T instead of 1.5T) and they show the disk is empty. +  I had the bloke at the local computer shop open it up and take a look…says it’s cactus, time for data recovery. it was wiped out. I had the same problem with tom and found how to fix external hard drive blinking and not detectable Issue. I dont really care about the drive but I need the data on it. This article offers 3 quick fixes and 3 effective methods to help you repair not working Seagate external hard drive while the light is blinking in PC. Ltd. All Trademarks Acknowledged. System will not go into sleep mode. The reason being, there are equal chances of USB Port damage. The reason being, there are equal chances of USB Port damage. In such case, you can enter BIOS settings to enable USB device. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_90"); I have only had the hard drive for a week but threw out the box, hopefully that isnt a problem! Your email address will not be published. I googled the solution but there is none. The HD does not spin. ( in case if it shows initially but disappear later, then repeat the above step and click on, Firstly, it is a software-directed approach so, there is no possibility of data loss or compromise unlike manual process, Secondly, you don’t need any technical expertise to solve the issue, Thirdly, it is secure, reliable and efficient. Some common factors are: Hard Drive Death Count on this comprehensive guide to fix the issue and restore the data with 100% data security! Most people would have a multi socket adaptor for their PC, Monitor, etc which is why this problem is so often. }, Any suggestions or have we screwed? If your problem is similar to Tom and you are also looking forward to a solution, then this blog is for you. Hard Drive light is constantly on. I have a 3TB model with the blinking light syndrome too! Hi I’m having the exact same problem. Your email address will not be published. Switch a USB port/cable and replug it to your computer. I have some very important data on it. The light on my USB hard drive (1TB) is not flashing when I plug it into the computer USB port and into the charging socket. There was no fall or energy issues as far as I know. My WD Elements 2TB External hard drive is not working. Let’s take into consideration one by one. Bought a new one arrived today and although two laptops recognized it had been connected and drivers were installed, the drive was not visible in explorer. setTimeout( How to Repair Not Accessible WD My Passport External Hard Drive. Don’t panic, third-party recovery tools like Stellar Data Recovery- Standard for Windows is available to help you. The tiny bulb is constantly blinking when plugged in. display: none !important; Same for me. — Tom Webron. Recently my 3TB WD My Book gave up and would not power on, this is how I managed to rescue all of my 2.9TB of data despite WD's hardware encryption. Tried changing the power cable with another 2TB I have but that didn’t work either. Time limit is exhausted. However, while it is an excellent external hard drive, users also encounter some issues such as WD My Passport Ultra not showing up, WD My Passport Ultra not detected and WD Passport not recognized. Its Spotlight that most likely is indexing your harddrive, this can occur if the disc lost power or or was disconnected improper, ofc other reasons may apply. The situation is scaring me as the drive includes almost 89.54 GB data and each of bit of this information is crucial for me. It’s realy important! Note though it does seem where the ac plugs into the drive it mates very poorly so even moving the drive slightly causes a power reduction resulting in explorer losing the drive. Plugging directly into a wall plug resolved the problem. Do any WD employees or technicians actually read this forum? Fix WD external hard drive not working/responding issue. If that does not correct the behavior, and if the drive is also not detected by your computer, the blinking light is probably a symptom of a larger problem. i have very important documents on the harddrive that I need access to. Showing there is power, just not reading. timeout Also, if there is any other fix way that worked for you, please share through comment. if ( notice ) You can follow below-offered methods to get problems fixed right now: Method 1. Read someone’s suggestion about it may not have enough power so plugged the power into a DEDICATED power socket and it works (Required you to format it again via windows). }, 48 Bridge Street Metuchen, Modifying the registry is another great approach to fix the issue. Showing there is power, just not reading. HALLO…What happened with you happened with me the same seinario…am checking the solution in the forums…we can cooperate to find a solutoin…deal…. Trying to click on it just causes my computer to freeze until I unplug the Hard Drive from the USB port. If it’s still in warranty try calling WD and see if they will send a replacement. It’s like it is simply dead. Why does my hard drive keep flashing/blinking a white light? A terminal fault in a drive about a year old is unacceptable. It might be the voltage adapter. four Under diskmgmt it says that the disk must be reinitialized ! 1. plugged the disk in an external docking station to see if I could recup some data. Very slow. Please help me in external drive recovery. Now turn off the PC for at least 1 minute. New Jersey 08840, United States. .hide-if-no-js { I just bought this harddrive a couple of weeks ago and it is bailing on me. Unlike some other people with this problem, my hard drive isn't showing up on my PC (Windows 7) or my husband's Macbook Air, and although it has a flashing blue light when plugged in, it isn't making that spinning sound, which has me worried it might be a gonner. The next time you come back and see your computer’s hard drive light flashing (and possibly hear a mechanical hard drive grinding away), you can look at your Process Monitor window and check to see which processes were just using the hard drive. Power on the computer. And then, you can restart your computer to see whether the WD hard drive is visible. however nothing happened so my disk was definitely dead. So open systems folder, go to spotlight, second tab opens up a box where you add discs/folders spotlight should not index, simply hit + sign and add your external harddrive and enter. But you don’t have to worry about it. Quite often, issues such as a Seagate external hard disk light blinking but not being detected can be fixed by simply rebooting the computer. The hard drive as only just run out of the 2 year warranty by a month. Is there any way to service this drive (service manual?). When WD external hard drive, USB or other brands of storage devices are not working or not responding to any operations in your PC, don't worry. In this, you just have to Turn On all USB Root Hub. It could be the power supply although its showing its getting power but it could be lower than needed to. Steps to modify Registry are: Now, open your drive to access your data. Sorry for replying to my own email, I forgot to click “Email me when someone responds”. Ltd. All Trademarks Acknowledged. If the WD external hard drive cannot be detected or fails to show up in your PC, please change the USB port (You may try to connect the external hard drive to the motherboard), or connect it with another new USB cable to see whether it shows up in the PC. My WD Elements 2TB External hard drive is not working. Update WD external hard drive driver to make it work. To resolve it the best solution is to use virus cleaning software. It is possible to fix this issue. It is favored by many Windows users. We use cookies on this website. Let’s take into consideration one by one.Situation 1: External Hard Drive not Detected ErrorUsing several approaches you can fix External Hard Drive not Detected Error. It's about 10 years old and has ALL my kids' photos stored on it. The drive then shows up under My Computer !!! My 3TB disk was as dead as a doornail So, I opened it up with a credit card. Wierd, after i formatted, i replugged it into the one I had with multi adaptor socket and it works fine now! my wd passport before 2 months works normally but today i connect it to my laptop my system is 8.1 64bit and the light still flashing and not open like cdrom to unlock the security system for my hard disk i have over 300gb data inside it and that’s making me crazy please someone help me I have Windows 7 Operation System. It’s expensive and not a flawless process. First, let me relate a short experience. Isha is a technical blogger and data recovery expert. Yes, you can use the Stellar software for lost photo recovery. Situation 2: External Drive Not Working but Blinking. When I open Disk Management, the app freezes and I can't use it. I am using 2TB External Hard Drive since last 3 and a half years to store both my personal memories and business critical data. Why My 4-Wheel Drive light blinks but won’t Engage 4 Wheel Drive Light Blinking & Not Engaging. Can anyone help me to backup the data from my hard drive. Whenever I connect it to Windows 10, it just comes up as "Local Disk (F:). Among all, the most common and widely used ways are: It is the first port of call. Was working fine. Posted in another thread but this fixed my problem with computer not detecting WD drive: Just bought a new 2 TB WD Element and found it didnt plug and play like other external drive. My computer won’t recognize my WD My Book. Summary:Is your hard drive showing light in it when you connect it to pc but not detecting.This comprehensive guide will tell you what you can do about it and how easily you can resolve this issue. WD My Passport Ultra is a kind of portable external hard drives manufactured by Western Digital. Fourthly, you might end up fixing one issue but failed to fix another. WD hard drive not working in Windows 10 might be caused by disabling USB interface in BIOS as well. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, WD Elements 2TB External hard drive BLINKING LIGHT Problem. Hope this helps anyone whom bought it. Till yesterday, I have not faced any issue, but today, I cannot access it. The light on the actual drive is flashing consistently. Thus, plug in your hard drive into another Port to identify the exact cause and confirm whether a problem e… Unacceptable :(  It was working for a few months without a problem :(. If you are among those who have tried any of these approaches to fix the undetectable external drive, then please let us know which worked for you. Method 6: Switch connection port. function correctly had this happen on another brand last year plugged in another power supply that met the specs with the right polarity plug and all was well. My MacBook Pro won’t recognize the device. I don’t found any difficulty while working with the interface. hi… i just got my external hard drive and everything connects e.g my usb cord and my ac adaptor … but when this is all pluged in my light blinks and thats all that happends … i have tried some stuff such as … trouble shooting and the disk manager steps but none of this works… on the disk manager my external hard drive does not show up even though its pluged in … im really cconfused… could anyone help… btw im using windows 7 and its compatible with it !!! I have used it on two systems so far: Windows 7 and XP, and treated it like a porcelain doll, and though I might have used it for a day or two on end, I was always very careful to make sure it did not overheat. I’ve tested and swapped the USB cable and Power output, checked on a different computer and looked at Disk Utility, ALL with no luck. Connect the drive's USB or FireWire cable and check for detection. To do this, disconnect your external hard drive from the computer. As explained, you cannot access an external hard drive for many reasons, for most of the time, the consequence results from either a hard drive connection problem or hard drive self corruption. Time limit is exhausted. I think it's – Learn about WD - My Passport 1TB External USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive - Black with 6 Answers – Best Buy I’ve had my 2TB for only a month or so. Here are a few fixes that you can try out to resolve the problem and make external hard drive work again. I even checked Disk Management, but it is not even detectable over there. Once I removed it from disk management I was then able to format the drive. Did you try moving the power supply to a different plug not in a surge protector? Thank You! 1. ten Situation 1: External Hard Drive not Detected Error. Stellar & Stellar Data Recovery are Registered Trademarks of Stellar Information Technology Pvt.

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