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albert lea lake

1701/1705 Oakwood Ter, Albert Lea, MN 56007. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Lady Ice Anglers: StrikeMaster Allie Jacket and Bibs Serves Up Go-All-Day Ice Fishing Comfort and Performance, Eye Up Some Incredible Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Walleye Angler. Average length at capture was 16.8 inches at age-1, 19.0 inches at age-2, 24.4 inches at age-3, 29.7 inches at age-4, and 33.3 inches at age-5. City Arena 701 Lake Chapeau Dr. 507-377-4370 ** Send Mail to: City Hall, 221 E. Clark St. Albert Lea, MN 56007 Fountain Lake and Albert Lea Lake are part of the Shell Rock River flowage. Walleye anglers at Albert Lea Lake should expect good fishing as the lake rebounds from the partial winterkill of 2014. Albert Lea Lake Albert Lea Lake covers 2,669 acres and collects drainage from 89,500 upland acres. Find waterfront real estate for sale here. Cattails and bulrushes are particularly beneficial for fish spawning, rearing, and feeding. For Curbside Assistance. The Bluegill population in Albert Lea also remained in low abundance. Although catch rates were high, the Yellow Perch size structure was relatively small. It is one of the most visited state parks in Minnesota and features camping, hiking, canoeing and biking opportunities. The garden offers visitors rock ponds, bridges and unique plant life. GPS Coordinates. Interactive Radar. Walleye The average length of age-1 Walleye was 9.8 inches, while the average length of age-2 Walleye was 14.9 inches. mls# 5352361 - commercial 0.820 fountain lake . Now privately-owned but still open to the public, this intriguing garden is not often visited. Albert Lea Lake is a diverse body of water which caters to many different lifestyles. Broadway Plaza - Rochester ... Cascade Lake - W. Rochester. This is largely due to periodic winterkills and the successful year classes that follow. Only six fish were sampled in trap nets in 2015 (0.5 fish/trap net). courtesy listing: leland realty, inc. $1,475. Black Bullheads are tolerant of low oxygen levels, making them less susceptible to winterkill than game fish species. A DNR-maintained public accesses is located on the south side of the lake at Saint Nicholas Landing along County Road 19. 19. The city's early growth was based upon agriculture, farming support services and manufacturing and was a significant rail center. The DNR superstocked it with fry the following spring. mls# 5681628 - lake home | 5 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms albert lea lake "seller is now accepting offers" custom built - one owner home since 1965, open spacious design . phone: 507-373-2316 toll free: 800-345-8414 132 N Broadway Albert Lea, MN 56007 Freeborn County, Minnesota. A TMP Design . Related terms: lake, tank Water. It has an area of 1,578 acres. The city's early growth was based on agriculture, farming support services and manufacturing, and it was a significant rail center. Artificially impounded body of water. 2 results. Albert Lea Lake is displayed on the Glenville USGS quad topo map. Albert Lea Lake? Closest Town: Albert Lea. About 3,675 Yellow Perch adults were also stocked in 2014 after the partial winterkill. Channel Catfish have been stocked in connected Fountain Lake, where they are in higher abundance. This long-term average is highly influenced by the 2006 gill net catch rate (60.5 Walleye/net) which resulted from a very strong 2004 year class following a significant winterkill. Selective harvest allows for the harvest of smaller fish for consumption, while encouraging the release of medium to large fish that may contribute to natural reproduction. Total lengths ranged from 5.2 to 9.7 inches and averaged 7.1 inches. Numerous real estate opportunities abound, both near the lake and in close-knit communities. Albert Lea Lake is part of a chain of lakes in the Shell Rock River watershed of southern Minnesota. The partial winterkill of 2014 apparently did not have a large impact on the Black Bullhead population, as catch rates increased since the 2010 survey in both gear types. Albert Lea Tourism: Tripadvisor has 3,852 reviews of Albert Lea Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Albert Lea resource. . Albert Lea Lake was surveyed the week of June 22, 2015 as part of a regular monitoring program conducted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. albert lea lake . Pickerel Lake Park is located one mile southwest of the City of Albert Lea on US Highway 69. View pictures, check Zestimates, and get scheduled for a tour of Waterfront listings. The 2015 survey produced two main year classes of Walleye; age-1 (stocked in 2014) and age-2 (stocked in 2013). Joseph Nicollet later renamed the lake, Lake Albert Lea. For the outdoorsy types, snowmobiling trails are scattered throughout the area, making Albert Lea a year round retreat for those looking for a place to settle. On the opposite side of the lake, families stroll by the water's many walkways, out from their nearby homes and towards the downtown area of Albert Lea for a leisurely breakfast. Albert Lea Lake is the headwaters of the Shell Rock River to the south. US Topo Map. A quick hop out of the tent reveals a soft mist disappearing off the lake's sparkling surface. Natural shorelines, including vegetation, woody debris, and bottom substrates, provide valuable habitat for fish and wildlife, help maintain water quality, and reduce bank erosion. Oak savanna and prairie landscape, including wetlands, dominate most of the park. Walleye stocking will continue every other year and immediately after winterkills. The average length of Northern Pike from both gear types was 23.7 inches, ranging from 16.3 to 34.4 inches. $44,900. Walleye fry are stocked every other year at a rate of 1,000 fry per acre (about 2.6 million fry). Albert Lea Seed is open for in-store visits, but we ask that you follow social distancing guidelines during your visit. Albert Lea Lake is in the Reservoirs category for Freeborn County in the state of Minnesota. Albert Lea Lake is a reservoir located just 4.5 miles from Albert Lea, in Freeborn County, in the state of Minnesota, United States. Recent stocking events in Albert Lea include Walleye fry stocking in 2015, 2014 (following partial winterkill), 2013, 2011, and 2009. The site contains a shelter house, rest rooms, boat … Additionally, smaller fish often taste better and have fewer contaminants than larger, older fish from the same water body. Also, the 2015 catch rate may not accurately represent the 2014 year class, as many age-1 Walleye may not have recruited to gill nets yet. About 71% of the Bluegills sampled in trap nets were age-1, indicating a young population. The "boom" years are typically 2-3 years post-winterkill, while the "bust" years are 0-1 year post-winterkill. Please remember to check with the local Fish and Wildlife department to ensure the stream is open to the public. Latitude, Longitude: 43.6116242°, -93.2929848° Elevation. The Big Island section of the park, which can be accessed by road over the lake, is a mini paradise of trails laden with basswood, ash, elm and red oak trees towering over the trails. Other Species Since Albert Lea Lake is often windswept and lacks aquatic vegetation that Bluegill prefer, the Bluegill population in Albert Lea Lake will likely remain in low abundance. Lot / Land for sale. Most fish sampled in the 2015 survey were age-1 (91%), so overall size structure should improve as this year class moves through the system. Another public access is located within Myre Big Island State Park. Anglers can play an important role in maintaining or improving a fish population by practicing selective harvest. One of the more unique aspects of the park is the 116-acre Big Island, covered with maple/basswood forest. The overall average length of all Walleyes sampled throughout this survey was 12.1 inches with less than 15% measuring 16.0 inches or longer. great location with this sandwich/ soup shop with delivery orders and drive-up window. Lake Vacation Rentals, 4 BR, Advertise Located in Freeborn County, Minnesota. 1207 ft. (368 m.) Topographic Map. The eastern section of Albert Lea Lake's shoreline wraps around the Myre-Big Island State Park, a 2,000-acre park with amenities ranging from miles of rugged hiking trails for the day user to secluded camping spots for the solitary backpacker. Black Crappies are not stocked in Albert Lea Lake, so the population exists from natural reproduction. Get lost in the lush vegetation and take yourself back in time while walking through stone archways and into dark grottos. The park protects 8 miles of shoreline on Albert Lea Lake. The 2015 survey yielded a total of 5 Channel Catfish among all gear types. Yellow Perch Walleye abundance in Albert Lea Lake has remained highly variable throughout the past decade, ranging from 12.0 to 60.0 fish/gill net since 2005. The Yellow Perch population in Albert Lea Lake had a fast growth rate, which was likely influenced by the partial winterkill in 2014. Best Dining in Albert Lea, Minnesota: See 1,562 Tripadvisor traveler reviews of 59 Albert Lea restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. This relatively small size structure was indicative of a lake that was two years removed from a partial winterkill. lot hs an east view of albert lea lake. Albert Lea Lake is a glacial lake, formed over 10,000 years ago during the last ice age. 901 Luther Place Albert Lea, MN 56007 Fountain Lake Campus 1861 Eagle View Circle Albert Lea, MN 56007 507-373-8226. In 1978 the Barn was renovated and opened by the Sons of Norway Lodge. Northern Pike are not stocked in Albert Lea Lake, so the population persists through natural reproduction or movement from connected Fountain Lake. -Kip Rounds, Fisheries Specialist. Please LINK to this web page by using this HTML code: Your link to this web page should look like this on your web page: Albert Lea Lake - Albert Lea MN Real Estate. Albert Lea Lake is a 2,654 acre lake located in Freeborn County near the city of Albert Lea. Fountain Lake has a maximum depth of 14.0 feet and is classified in Lake Class 42 based on limnological variables and lake … Shoreline property owners also play an important role in the overall health of an aquatic ecosystem, including the fish population. 3.5 . By leaving natural shorelines unaltered or restoring them to natural conditions, shoreline property owners are doing their part to maintain or improve a healthy ecosystem in the lake and protect the resource for future generations. Common Carp were sampled at a rate of 19.7 fish/gill net, which was near the average for Albert Lea Lake since 2005 (18.8 fish/gill net). Most fish (74%) measured less than 7.0 inches. Albert Lea Lake and park marshes draw hundreds of waterfowl during migration. This 15 acre park shores along Pickerel Lake with the park area overlooking the natural environment of a typical prairie lake. Albert Lea Lake is part of a chain of lakes in the Shell Rock River watershed of southern Minnesota. Connect with a Albert Lea condominium expert at™ to find a condo for sale. Only two age groups were sampled in the 2015 survey (age-1 and age-2), suggesting a young Yellow Perch population on the rebound after the recent partial winterkill. Black Crappie The lake has been called one of the top walleye lakes in Minnesota, attracting in anglers from all over to snag their share of the fish. Angling Summary The drive-thru lights display at Leonard Fjelstad Sports Complex in Lake Mills will be on nightly through December. The Black Crappie gill net catch rate in the 2015 survey was 14.5 fish/gill net, which was near the long-term average for Albert Lea Lake (16.0 fish/gill net). . Truth is a couple years ago the DNR was touting this lake as one of the top 10 in MN. 132 bridge - albert lea mn. This shallow, 2,685-acre lake is located in Freeborn County in Minnesota's southern tourism region. County. Looking for lakefront homes on Albert Lea Lake? Albert Lea Seed is Open for In-Store Shopping / Pick-Ups. The average length of all Black Bullheads sampled in this survey was 7.2 inches, with the largest measuring 12.6 inches. Average length at capture was 3.5 inches at age-1, 4.9 inches at age-2, and 6.0 inches at age-3. Whether you're hosting a barbecue on your porch during the summer, overlooking Albert Lea Lake, or taking part in the city's family-friendly events throughout the year, you don't want to miss the opportunities the area has to offer. Farm customers, please call 507-373-3161 in advance (or from the … The Northern Pike population in Albert Lea Lake remained in low abundance. Yellow Perch averaged 5.5 inches by age-1 and 7.9 inches by age-2. Copyright © 2007-2021 Lakelubbers LLC. The max depth for Albert Lea Lake is 5.5 feet and the mean depth is 3.5 feet. The shallow, fertile waters of Albert Lea Lake are subject to periodic winterkill events. It was used as the recreation center for students of Lea College. Albert Lea Lake in Freeborn County is a 2,670 acre lake located in the town of Albert Lea. A city-maintained public access is located in town on the northwest corner of the lake. The Barn spent many years being used on a farm before it was moved to 504 Lake Chapeau Drive in 1966. The 2015 gill net catch rate was 1.7 fish/gill net, which exceeded the long-term average for Albert Lea Lake (1.2 fish/gill net). The catch rates for the 2015 survey were 97.2 fish/gill net and 59.5 fish/trap net. Watch Albert Lea’s home team play in the stadium for a nice evening out filled with good food and lots of emotions. 7 Day Forecast. Albert Lea Lake is a glacial lake, formed over 10,000 years ago during the last ice age. Albert Lea Lake is a large, shallow lake with a maximum depth of 5.5 feet and an average depth of only 3.5 feet. Copyright © 2021 Lake-Link Inc. All rights reserved. Except as noted, Copyright © 2007-2021 Raub's Internet for Business LLC. The trap net catch rate was 22.9 fish/trap net, which was below the average since 2005 (25.5 fish/trap net). At one time it was the site of Cargill 's headquarters. Lieutenant Lea sketched the outline of the lake that he named “Fox Lake”. They had many gatherings at the Barn which included weddings, dances, dinners and other lodge functions. Multiple public access points dot the shoreline of the lake, and despite its shallow depth, there are no motor restrictions on Albert Lea Lake. gradual sloping lot with mature trees and true lakeshore. Albert Lea Lake . Albert Lea Lake; Albert Lea Lake Reservoir. Lakes for Vacation and Recreation Public Boat Access: Located on South shore of lake off Co. Rd. Albert Lea Lake is managed primarily for Walleye and secondarily for Yellow Perch and Black Crappie. What branch of state government you work for? Albert Lea Lake Vacation Info - Lakelubbers. Most of the fish were small, averaging just 4.8 inches and ranging from 3.2 to 8.7 inches. Situations like this are managed as "boom and bust" fisheries, since fish survival is typically high due to reduced predators in the system and fish grow relatively fast after a winterkill due to reduced competition for resources. The Walleye size structure should continue to improve throughout the next couple of years. Gotta be kidding. - Colleen Harrison/Albert Lea Tribune Latest Stories Bluegill With a very high abundance of young, fast growing Yellow Perch in the lake, anglers should expect great perch fishing at Albert Lea Lake. This exceeded the long-term average for Yellow Perch gill net catch rates in Albert Lea Lake (148.7 fish/net) and was the highest gill net catch rate on record.

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